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Hotel Digital

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Track List:
1. Moonlight
2. Breaking in the Sun
3. I'll Be 'Round
4. Ugly
5. East Village Tattoo Queen
6. Hey Now
7. Cold Rain
8. Secrets
9. Breaking in the Sun (Live)


"He delivers a unique brand of country-folk blues-rock that's fed through a modern-day Brooklyn boho filter. "Hey Now, " "Secrets" and "I'll Be 'Round" all possess the artist's loose and ragged brand of blues-rock, flavored with mandolin, horns, piano and more, all of it spiced with an occasionally dirty-ass guitar tone. And despite the retro origins of the genre, there's not one lyric here that's cliché. This artist is a diamond in the rough."  - Music Connection Magazine

"The whole collection is characterized by thoughtful musical arrangements and genuine lyrics, the hallmark of great Americana music...the perfect blend of rock and funky, heartfelt innovation and empathetic tales." - Americana Highways

"With a carnival in tow, Mazzetti saunters though dark back alleys as he tells a tale of a troubled man" - OhEsTee Music

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