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Roll On - Digital Single

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You have two different options here.  You can choose a Standard MP3 or a Super Download.  

With the Super Download, you will get:

  • standard mp3 
  • high-quality lossless WAV file
  • high-quality lossless AIFF file
  • lyric sheet
  • digital single art

What's the difference between the different audio files?

  • MP3s take up less space on your computer or digital storage system, but the audio quality is compromised in order to make the file smaller
  • WAV files are a high-quality lossless format that provides studio-quality audio.  You get to hear every single note of studio magic that so often gets lost outside of the recording booth.
  • AIFF files are the same as WAV files, but they also hold additional information (such as the lyrics and cover art)

Can I download the Super Download on my phone?
Yes, but it will depend on your phone and your storage.  For most phones, the Super Download will go directly to your Files App.  So, simply open your files app and click on the Super Download zip file to open it.